Multiple Children Discount: For multiple children in one family registering in the same semester, the first child is full price and every child after will receive 10% off equal to or lesser value of first child's registration. Does not apply to Parents' Night Out or Parents' Afternoon Out.

Registration deadlines are one week before the first day of selected program. Exceptions are made upon availability and supply quantity.

Cancellations, emergencies by owner: When a class is canceled, the class is rescheduled as soon as possible. If the ability to reschedule is limited, a credit or refund is applied to family's account.

Payment is by cash or check made payable to Solomon's Academy llc.

Levels are guidelines. As parents, you know your child's ability level better than anyone else. Email or call, if you are needing help deciding? Curriculum is developed and considered at the level of the children attending classes.
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