Great Educational Resource

"I had the good fortune of stumbling upon Solomon's Academy while looking for summer camp opportunities for my five year old on a family trip to Huntsville. What an unexpected blessing! While our schedule didn't allow us to make a week-long camp, we were able to spend a day learning with Lisa. She was brilliant in her interaction with James and was an invaluable resource in showing me creative ways to teach him. Her ability to turn every day objects into learning resources is unbelievable. Solomon's Academy is inviting for parents and children and the shelves are filled with exciting projects.

On a more personal note, my family was on the cusp of a homeschooling decision and our experience with Solomon's Academy was our turning point. The Huntsville area is lucky to have Lisa Culbertson and Solomon's Academy as an educational resource. I wish there were something like this for parents in my little corner of South Carolina."

Amy C.
Homeschooling mother of 4
Six Mile, South Carolina

Interesting Classes

Fun and innovative and so close to Huntsville! Thanks Lisa for offering interesting classes for kids. My oldest daughter loved all the classes she took this summer ! She can't wait to go back! Thanks for making it affordable!

Kelly S.
Hampton Cove, Alabama

Parents' Night Out

My children attended Parent's Night Out with Lisa at Solomon's Academy in July 2015. It was so nice not to have to worry about feeding my children before we got to Solomon's Academy. Lisa provided them with a wonderful Italian dinner to go with the night's theme of Italy. When my husband and I picked up the kids, they were full of information about Leonardo da Vinci and could not wait to show us the flying machine and parachute models they had made out of popsicle sticks. Lisa is so fun and always laughing and having a good time with the kids in any classes we have attended. I knew they would enjoy PNO too and my hunsband and I got a night out without worry!

Jennifer S.
Hampton Cove, Alabama
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